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Education and responsibility are key when owning any pet, but oftentimes we get reptiles from those whose pet either gets too big or too expensive, takes up too much time, or maybe the owner is moving and cannot take their scaly friend with them. Whatever the reason may be, we are just simply trying to inform current and future reptile owners of their pets needs and proper care as well as stopping the abandonment of reptiles from those who can no longer keep theirs.

Whether you're leaving for a trip, planning to move, or just need someone to help care for your reptile, we will board your pet for however long you need. You can bring your pet and its enclosure (if feasible) to us where we will care for them until you are ready to take them home again.

*Boarding rates vary per animal and length of its stay with us.

Adoption & Fostering

This is for anyone out there looking to use a reptile for a photo shoot, video, or other form of media. We keep several reptiles on hand for our own programs and these are the same animals that we keep available for these events as well. If you have any interest in using a reptile in your production then be sure to reach out to us so you can walk us through what ideas you have and tell us exactly what you have in mind and we will do our best to work with you and find the animal that's just right for the occasion. 

*Rates vary depending on which reptile(s) are being used and travelling fees may also apply.

Wildlife Removal & Relocation

What started as simply purchasing and collecting reptiles from vendors at reptile expos quickly turned into a fully operational reptile rescue. The founder of Nate's Reptile Rescue (N.R.R.), Nathan Lysaght, has always had an interest in reptiles and their well being. His passion started when

he received a Ball Python (right) as a gift in 2005 and slowly began taking in reptiles from both expos and people looking to re-home

their reptiles. Eventually, in early 2010, Nate got the idea to start rescuing reptiles from people who could no longer care for theirs.

The naming process for the rescue included several variations including: Nate's Reptile Emporium, Nate's Reptile Emporium and Shelter,

 Nate's Reptile Shelter, and Nate's Reptile Rescue and Shelter. Finally, after many attempts at the drawing board, Nate's Reptile Rescue

was the end result and began its establishment four years later. As of March 2014, N.R.R. officially became a non-profit reptile rescue

based out of Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas that has aided in successfully rescuing, rehabilitating, and adopting out over nine hundred reptiles. N.R.R. is currently a family-run organization, and could never hope to do what it does without the support of everyone involved including not just each other, but our many supporters and donors from over the years as well. 

Our Mission

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of owning a pet for whatever reason and sometimes you just can't keep them anymore. This is exactly why we started our rescue in the first place and we are happy to help anyone in need. We  have taken in reptiles of all shapes, sizes, and ages. We have experience with over 100 species of reptiles and amphibians as well as vast knowledge about many others. 

*Surrendering fees may apply to certain animals.

Promotional Usage

There are some instances where a reptile is on your property or in your home and needs to be removed in which case we can do our best to assess the situation and send someone out if needed. Any time you come across a reptile, you should do your best to identify it and if it is a native species and it is unharmed then you should likely leave it be. However, if you have found an injured reptile then we would encourage you to reach out to us and we will do our best to guide you through the situation and decide on the best course of action.

*Travelling fees may apply depending on your location.

Location: ​South Park Fairgrounds-Building 10, South Park PA, 15129

Rescues & Surrendering

Rescued Reptile* Counter: 1353

* +Amphibians & Fish & Mammals

Nate's Reptile Rescue is a state-licensed rescue that primarily operates in and around the Pittsburgh area although we have taken in reptiles and helped those in need all across the country. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the proper education and care of all reptiles and we have devoted countless hours to ensure that every reptile and their owner are given all the advice and information they need whenever they come to us for help. We provide each individual reptile with the compassion and proper care they deserve. We do our best to ensure that your reptile will live a happy and healthy life, you can trust that your pet is safe in our hands. 

When reptiles come in to our rescue, there are a few different places that they may go to. They will either be retained by us and used for our programs, donated to a larger institution for educational purposes, or they will be adopted out. We will also receive some animals who are injured or sick in which case we will do our best to rehabilitate them and once recovered then we will also place them up for adoption but, we do try and get them into homes with more experienced owners. Fostering is for those who want to have a "trial-run" of reptile ownership before deciding to adopt or purchase a reptile of their own. Be sure to check out our 'Available Reptiles' page and read about our adoption/fostering process. 

Special Thanks To The Groups That We Have Done Events/Articles With, Received Animals & Donations From, Or Seen Our Animals/Equipment Go To Which Include:

  • All The Small Things Rescue
  • Allegheny College Animal Welfare Club
  • Almanac Newspaper
  • ​Animal Advocates
  • ​Animal Friends
  • ​Animal Life Line
  • Armstrong County Humane Officers
  • ​ASPCA
  • ​Beaver County Humane Society
  • Behind the Lenz Photography
  • ​Boy Scouts of America
  • ​Cannonsburg Police Humane Officers
  • Capes & Crowns Event Center
  • ​CARMAA — Coalition to Adopt, Rehome and Match Abandoned Animals​
  • ​Channel 4 News
  • ​Channel 11 News
  • Chippokes Plantation State Park
  • Clairton Education Center
  • ​Croc Encounters Reptile Park and Wildlife Center
  • ​Duquesne University
  • ​Family Dollar-Canonsburg
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • ​Glass Slipper Parties
  • ​Hough's Pub
  • Humane Animal Rescue Pittsburgh
  • Humane Society of Parkersburg
  • ​KDKA-TV
  • Keystone State Park
  • Kiskiminetas Township Police
  • ​LIFE Pittsburgh
  • Moon Township Summer Camp
  • ​North Hills Monthly Magazine
  • Oakmont Police Department
  • Observer Reporter
  • PA Department of Agriculture
  • PA Fish & Boat Commission
  • Parkway West Career and Technology Center
  • ​PetConnections Magazine
  • Pittsburgh Police Humane Officers
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette
  • ​Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
  • Rebecca Lukens Images
  • ​Robinson Township Petco
  • ​Saint Vincent College Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve
  • SarahCare Daytime Senior Care & Activities
  • ​South Hills Cooperative Animal Control
  • ​South Hills Moms
  • ​​South Park Clubhouse
  • ​South Park High School
  • ​South Park Middle School
  • ​Standard Steel Royal Reptiles
  • ​Steel Valley School District
  • Terrapin Beer Co.
  • ​University of Pittsburgh Animal Lovers Club
  • UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Walnut Ridge Kindergarten Group
  • ​White Oak Police Department​
  • Whitehall Public Library
  • Who Rescued Who Humane Society
  • Winchester-Thurston School Summer Camp
  • ​WTAE-TV
  • ​Zion's First Lutheran & United Presbyterian Church

Sometimes when we are contacted to take in an animal it may be something that we don't have space for or room in our budget to take in at that time. When this happens we may place the animal up for active-adoption where we will allow a certain individual or family to take it in and care for it for a period of time while we prepare a proper setup or adjust our budget accordingly. 

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