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​​​Adoption Fee: Free

​Notes: Quantity - 26.10.0​​

There are no listings available at this time.

We accept adoption fee payments in cash, check, or Paypal which can be paid the day of adoption. Unless otherwise stated underneath the profile photo (desktop site/view), all adoption fees are $50.00. Though we do not currently have shipping options available for adoptions, we do plan on creating this option in 2024/2025. Please note that we have been met with misinformation and hostility regarding the adoption of our reptiles in the past and we therefore reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone.


​​​Adoption Fee: Free

​Notes: Quantity - 16.2.0​​

Special Needs Animals

May Be Available For Fostering Or Adoption To Those With Experience


Red-Eared Slider Turtle


Yellow-Bellied Slider Turtle




  • You want to adopt a reptile and have the intention of it being being a class pet or have the intention of breeding it then be sure to include this in your application
  • You want to adopt a special needs animal, keep in mind that we are less likely to approve your application if you have no experience or less experience than another applicant
  • You are interested in fostering a reptile, we can likely provide an enclosure and equipment for a small fee, however, you will still need to be able to provide the food, lighting, filtration, etc. needed to maintain your animal while in your care
  • The file size for the photo of your enclosure does not fit in the below form or you do not have an enclosure setup yet then be sure to send it to us separately as soon as you can, if you have not done so already

Feel free to contact us for any information about the reptiles that are currently available or about our adoption process in general. Please complete the form below.


Available For Adoption & Fostering