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VI : Foster Homes & Locations

Involvement Form

We created this program for those interested in possibly volunteering with our rescue but don't meet our age requirement. This particular program is a great stepping stone for those who plan to become part-time volunteers with us once they turn 18 or plan to work elsewhere with reptiles!

 Some Activities Teen Volunteers May Take Part In:
● Reptile training and handling education
● Take part in education of reptiles
● Assist in reptile care and cleaning

Here at the rescue, we try to offer a wide range of ways for people to get involved and learn about what we do. Below are some brief descriptions of the opportunities that people can take part in to help our rescue and continue our mission of rescuing reptiles and educating people in our community. If any of these are of interest to you then please fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible to further discuss your area of interest or for more information, feel free to send us an email or go to our 'Contact Us' page and fill out the general inquiry submission form.

II : Volunteering Opportunities

1. Monetary Donations: These are a great and easy way for anyone to help out our rescue and can be done in several different ways. Donations can be given to us in the form of cash, check, or through Paypal; this is the most versatile form of donation we can receive and any amount goes a long way in helping us to keep our doors open, programs running, and ensures that each reptile in our care remains happy and healthy. You can click the 'Donate/Fundraiser' button on any page of this site to donate what you can, but first, be sure to read about our donation incentives below!

2. Equipment: With all of these reptiles coming in and out of our rescue, we like to make sure that they are all cared for well and this includes keeping them warm, clean, and entertained. We are constantly going through supplies that are needed to keep them all in good health and when supporters are able to donate these much needed supplies, it helps us out tremendously. We have a list of equipment below that are much needed so if you are willing to purchase these and bring or ship them to the rescue for us to use then it would mean so much to us and our animals. There are also many other items that are very much appreciated which are not on the list such as water dishes, hides, logs, plants, etc. which are sold specifically for reptiles and offer great enrichment for our animals.

3. Food: As you can imagine, with having so many reptiles at our rescue we can go through a lot of food every week and it is our area of highest cost. There are many ways that you can help, for instance, if you are able to bring or ship any of the different types of food listed below to the rescue (with some notice if possible) then you can help us feed several different types of animals which is such a big help. Be sure to reach out if this is something that you are able to help with and we can let you know specifically what types of food we use and what we may need most.

This program is designed for graduate and undergraduate students as well as recent graduates. Interested applicants must have a passion for working with reptiles and/or other exotic animals and should be able to provide a cover letter, resume, college transcripts, and at least one letter of recommendation. We would request that each intern spends at least 3 hours/week at the rescue or equivalent time spent doing individual assignments. We understand that if you choose to intern during a school semester then your schedule may not be as flexible so we will do our best to accommodate you and adjust the required hours. Intern intervals will be March-May, June-August, September-November, and December-February. Interviews can be scheduled at any time and on-site scheduling will be determined on a bi-weekly basis once you are accepted into the program.

 Some Activities Interns May Take Part In:
● Conduct animal health checks
● Assist with surrenders and adoptions
● Perform observational research and record animal data regularly
● Provide in-depth husbandry assistance
● Complete individual care guide research assignments

General Requirements:
● Age range is for those of 14 to 17 years  
● Must be accompanied/assisted by a parent/guardian during the entirety of their time
● Parent/Guardian must adhere to the same requirements as regular volunteers (see above)

IV : ​Group Volunteer Program

I : Donations

This was created with organized groups in mind such as high school or college classes/clubs, girl/boy scout troops, or independent volunteer organizations. These groups can partake in a project or day of service with our rescue. We have many different projects that come up every year as we continue to upgrade our facility and give our animals different forms of enrichment; however, we don't always have the time necessary to get these projects done when we'd like to. This is why volunteer groups are so helpful, they can come in and over the course of a few hours can get done what would take us up to a week or more. If you are part of an organization and think you could be of some assistance then please reach out and we'll see what you can help with!

What we are looking for here is to find individuals who are willing to sign up to be on our potential fostering log in case we need help housing an animal in one of the instances below. We will only be accepting qualified individuals or other animal-oriented businesses to help us house animals when needed and we will require that you are willing to purchase the needed equipment for one of our animals that is under your care if for some reason we do not have any available for you. You should also be comfortable with adopters picking up the animal directly from you once they are checked and approved by us do to so, we will work around your schedule when arranging such adoptions. We hope that with our recent expansion that we will be able to house more animals, but keeping a log of foster homes and locations will help us if the circumstance arises where we will need assistance. There have been many instances in the past where our rescue had reached its limits and could not accept any more rescues and we needed to reach out to our community for assistance is housing our overflow animals. A second reason that we may need to reach out to a foster home is if we get in a reptile that is injured or ill and either cannot come into our rescue for risk of infecting our other animals or perhaps the ailment will undoubtedly need a veterinary visit that would come with excessive bills that we cannot cover due to low funding at that time. Finally, the last reason that we may need to reach out to foster homes is for the sake of taking in surrendered animals directly from their owners if our location is too far of a drive for them or if we are just unavailable for whatever reason. Again, we will work around your schedule when arranging this drop-off, but we will communicate with you beforehand on whether we will then be taking in the animal from you or allowing you to care for it until it gets adopted.

III : ​Teen Volunteer Program

General Requirements:
● Must be at least 18 years of age 
● Provide valid PA Act 33 Child Abuse Clearance 
● Provide valid PA Act 34 Criminal Background Check 
● Must be able to provide your own reliable transportation
● Must have internet access and email account for communications

● Interviews and training will be provided on-location

We are looking for volunteers to assist in daily rescue activities/reptile care. We would be more than happy to expand our team and bring in as many people as possible. We would request that each volunteer spends at least 1 day/week helping at the rescue (usually no more than two hours). Volunteers can apply, interview, and get trained at any point in the year!

Some Activities Volunteers May Take Part In:
● Provide information to visitors at the rescue
● Assist with surrenders and adoptions
● Perform observational research and record animal data regularly
● Assist at public rescue events when hosted on-site
● Provide basic husbandry needs and handle reptiles as needed

V : Internships

Please Note That Any Items Not Listed May Very Likely Still Be Of Use To Our Operations So Please Reach Out With Any Questions.

If You Have An Aquarium/Terrarium To Donate, Do Know That We Are Able To Accept The Following Gallon Sizes: 10, 20 Long, 40 Breeder, Or Any Size 75+.

Exceptions To The Is If The Enclosure Is Front Opening, Custom Built, Or Made Of A Non-Glass Material (i.e. PVC) In Which Case We Will Likely Be Abe To Accept It Regardless Of Size. 

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General Requirements:
● Must be at least 18 years of age 

● Must be attending or have recently attended school with a focus in a related biological field
● Provide valid PA Act 33 Child Abuse Clearance 
● Provide valid PA Act 34 Criminal Background Check 
● Must be able to provide your own reliable transportation
● Must have internet access and email account for communications

​● Interviews and training will be provided on-location