Argentine Tegu

Size: Adults usually range from 3-4 feet

Lifespan: Adults usually range from 15-20 years

Enclosure: 40 gallon breeder aquariums are suitable for juveniles, once full grown, a 8’x6’x2’ (LxWxH) cage will need to be constructed, with a substrate of aspen, cypress, and coconut shavings or mulch

Temperature: A gradient of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit on the cool side and 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit on the basking side and full-spectrum UV lighting per day is recommended

Humidity: The enclosure should be kept between 80-90%

Diet: Appropriately sized mice and rats, frozen/thawed rodents are preferred, but some tegus will exclusively eat live, feed every 5-7 days, you should also occasionally give your tegu fruits, insects such as crickets and roaches, as well as an appropriately sized egg every week