Alligator Snapping Turtle

Size: Adults usually range from 24-36 inches

Lifespan: This species can live for 30-40 years

Enclosure: 40 gallon breeder aquariums are suitable for juveniles, once full grown, a 6x6x4 foot (LxWxH) custom pond enclosure will need to be constructed with both water and land

Temperature: A gradient of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit in the water and 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit on the basking area and full-spectrum UV lighting per day is recommended

Filtration: We recommend using a Tetra Decorative ReptoFilter, for the aquarium, and a pond filter for your custom enclosure

Diet: There is a wide variety of commercial turtle food available on the market, feed every other day, as well as feeder fish every week, and adults can even consume small mice once a week, only feed your turtle what it will consume in one sitting, they can also be offered aquatic plants such as water lettuce and duckweed