Birthday parties and other similar events are always very popular among those who have a passion for reptiles! If

you have an upcoming party planned and are looking for an educational and interactive up-close experience with

some scaly critters then we highly recommend booking us for your next event. What we do is bring along our reptile

representatives, tell you all about each one and explain each of their stories as well as some fun facts about their

species such as their unique adaptations, diet, and general behavior, and then allow time for handling/interaction

afterwards. There are typically six to ten reptiles used per half hour that we are booked, these can be any

combination of lizards, turtles, tortoises, snakes, or crocodilians. If this sounds like an awesome experience that you

would like to have then be sue to contact us using the form below!

Rate: $75.00/Half Hour

1. The majority of private events that we attend are arranged by a third-party organization or

group and are between one and two hours in length. This means they arrange all aspects of

preparation for the presentation such as, finding a location, choosing a topic if necessary, and

doing outreach to get people to attend. We bring along our reptile representatives, and focus

on each of them and their specific behaviors, care, and general information and allow time for

handling/interaction at the end if allowed. For these events there is usually a pre-registration

or larger admission fee so be sure to check with the venue coordinator for more information.

Rate: $100.00/Hour

2. The second type of private event that is scheduled pertains to bringing us in usually for

entertainment purposes. The places that we most often get invited to for these are scout

troops, senior centers, daycare centers, and camps. Again, these events are between one and

two hours in length, consist of us bringing several reptiles along to educate the audience

about, and offering handling/interaction time with the reptiles if allowed.

Rate: $150.00/Hour 

Previous Events: Girl Scout Troop #50403 Education Event 10/4/2018, Glass Slipper Parties

 5/17/2019 & 7/17/2019, South Park Library Summer Program 7/3/2019, Beaver County Humane

Society Summer Camp 7/31/2019, Angel's Babies Daycare 7/18/2019, ​LIFE Pittsburgh 8/9/2019, 

South Park Library National Reptile Awareness Day 10/21/2019, Boy Scout Pack 99 Education

Event 11/7/2019, SarahCare Adult Day Services 12/6/2019, South Park Library Summer Program

Zoom Call 7/1/2020, South Hills Moms Educational Event ​3/5/2021

Click The Appropriate Link Below To Be Directed To Our Form To Book Your Event.

Birthday Parties

Private Events & School Presentations

Collegiate/Professional Presentations & Public Events

*Note that some of these events have been effected by COVID-19 and will be updated when possible

The following are only applicable to Birthday Parties, Private Events, and School Presentations 

  • In-Rescue Hosting: If you are interested in hosting your event in our rescue building then be sure to let us know ​and we will discuss the possibility and whether or not if we think your event will fit and if our building is a suitable place to host your event. This option does end with a short tour of our rescue.
    • ​​Rate: $200.00/Hour
  • Live Feedings: We can bring along food for a group of our animals that we bring to these type of events and allow a select person or persons to participate and assist in feeding our animals
    • Examples: Tortoises can be hand fed leafy greens, lizards can be fed insects, or snakes can be fed a frozen/thawed mouse
    • Note: These can only be added if there is just one presentation planned that day
    • Rate: $25.00/Group (Max: 3)
  • Special Need Animals: This option means that we will bring along additional animals with disabilities to add into the presentation and we will educate the audience on what happened to each reptile, how the reptile has learned to live with the issue, and what we do to help the reptile live a proper life. 
    • Examples: Snake deformities, turtle injuries/deformation, lizard deformation, snake neurological issues
    • Note: The number of animals associated with this program may vary but will typically include at least three special needs animals
    • Flat Rate: $50.00
  • Exhibit Items: For this option we bring different types of reptile-related educational tools to add an extra level of interest to the topics that we discuss and can also be handled/touched after the presentation
    • Examples: Tortoise shell, turtle shell, snake skin, alligator skull, tooth, and foot
    • Note: The number and type of exhibit items vary per presentation (Minimum Items: 3)
    • Flat Rate: $50.00
  • Travelling Fees: Travelling fees may apply if you are more than one hour from our main location and will be discussed when scheduling your event.
    • Rate: $50.00/Additional Half Hour Traveled
  • Payment: We accept cash, check, or Paypal. ​Invoices/W-9 forms can be made available upon request.


1. We can put together a presentation tailored specifically to the material that is being covered in a class or we can

give a brief overview of our rescue and general information about reptiles. Both include an overview on the animals

we bring with us which can include either reptiles related to the topic or a variety of our own reptile representatives.

Presentation lengths are altered based on class time and handling/interaction with our animals is usually left for the

latter half of the allotted time. 

Rate: $150.00/Hour

2. We can arrange a large group instruction/auditorium presentation if several classes or grades need to be

condensed. We can still give a presentation based upon material that is being covered in their class or the brief overview of our

rescue and general information about reptiles. Though we will still bring several reptiles with us, it tends to take too long if we

allow handling after the presentation so we recommend instead filling the time with a Q&A session. For this we have found that if

the students come up with questions beforehand then there is more to discuss.

​Rate: $150.00/Hour

Previous Events: Clairton Schools Honor Students Presentation 11/21/2019, South Park Preschool Presentation

1/21/2020 & 1/22/2020, South Park Middle School Presentation 1/31/2020, North Strabane Intermediate School Presentation 3/4/2020

Upcoming Events

1. Public events usually include pet expos, animal fairs, community

events, and holidays that we are invited to attend usually along with

several other organizations. We are just there to spread the word about

our rescue and what our mission is. We will bring along some

promotional materials to give out as well as some of our adoptable

animals and even a few of our reptile representatives for people to

interact with.

2. Fundraisers are usually held for a larger organization/company and

we are invited to set up a table to promote our rescue and bring along

some of our reptile representatives for attendees to interact with.

3. Some other public appearances we make are adoption events that

are hosted by a store or business specifically to promote our rescue for

a day. We will bring along several of our adoptable animals for visitors

to see and we will hand out promotional materials to those who may be

interested in adopting.

*Note: Some of these events may have admission fees or pre-

registration so you may want to check with the venue coordinator for

more information

Previous Events: State Representative Jason Ortitay's 1st & 2nd

Annual Pet Expo 11/23/2017 ​& 5/12/2018, Hearts and Paws Pet

Adoption and Care Fair 6/23/2018, Wags N' Whiskers Adoption

Event 9/22/2018, Habitat For Animals Pet Fair ​9/30/2018, 

CARMAA DogtoberFEST 10/6/2018 & 10/5/2019, Steel City Pet Expo

11/4/2018, South Park Clubhouse Brewery Takeover 11/8/2018,

CARMAA Night at the Races 1/26/2019, Earth Day at Winnie Palmer

Nature Reserve at Saint Vincent College 5/4/2019 & 5/2/2020, Hough's Pub Brewery Takeover 8/15/2019, Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve Nature Night Out 9/14/2019, Family Dollar Community Event 11/2/2019,​ Keystone State Park's Haunted Keystone Event 10/19/2019, Tortoise Homecoming & Fundraising Event At Who Rescued Who Humane Society 11/17/2019,​ Pet Valu Adoption Event 2/14/2020 & 2/15/2020, Cricket Wireless Adoption & Community Outreach 3/4/2020, Rebecca Lukens Images Photoshoot Fundraiser 6/14/2020 & 11/1/2020

We offer quite a few different types of programs and events throughout the year that are each tailored specifically to a particular setting and offer different experiences for the intended audience. At any given time, the rescue keeps several animal ambassadors that we also refer to as "Reptile Representatives" which are some of the reptiles that are kept on hand that we rotate out and take with us to all of our events. We ensure each reptile is safe and secure when traveling as well as making sure that only those with appropriate temperaments are brought out when interacting with the public. If you would like us to attend your event then be sure to give us a call or click a link to fill out the appropriate form at the bottom of this page as soon as possible so that you can reserve your place on our schedule. All upcoming events will also be posted at the bottom of the page.

Extras & Applicable Fees

South Park Library Educational Event: June 30th @11:30am

Walnut Ridge Kindergarten Group Educational Presentation: July 16th @ 12:15pm

Birthday Party: July 17th @2:30

Rebecca Lukens Photography Fundraiser: July 31st @9am

​Bingo & Biscuits Rescue Fundraiser Event: August 14th @9am

​Tuscaloosa Public Library Zoom Call: TBD​

1. We can put together a presentation tailored specifically to the material that is being covered

in a course along with an overview on the animals we bring with us which would include a mix

of reptiles both related to the topic and those that are more exotic and reserved for mature

audiences. If time allows or it is requested, we will build in time for handling and interaction

after the presentation. The length of the presentation can be altered based on time allowed.

2. We will provide a short presentation about our mission as a rescue and then give an

overview of the reptile representatives and more exotic species that we brought with us and

allow time for handling and interaction with the remainder of the time. The length of the

presentation can be altered based on time allowed.

Previous Events: TEDx Youth @ Blue Slide Park 11/19/2017​, Allegheny College

Education Seminars 10/12/2018 & 11/8/2019, Humane Animal Rescue Education Day

6/30/2018, Parkway West Career and Technology Center Education Seminar 10/17/2018,

Duquesne University Animal Philosophy Guest Speaking Engagement 11/18/2019 &

3/26/2021 (Zoom Call), University of Pittsburgh Animal Lovers Club ​1/15/2020, South Hills Cooperative Animal Control Snake Training 7/7/2020