Size: Adult females usually range from 11-12 inches and males usually range from 13-14 inches

Lifespan: This species can live for 40-50 years

Enclosure: 40 gallon breeder aquariums are suitable for juveniles, once full grown, a 3x3x2 (LxWxH) foot cage will need to be constructed with a substrate of cage carpet, aspen, cypress, and coconut shavings or mulch

Temperature: A gradient of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit on the cool side and 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit on the basking side and full-spectrum UV lighting per day is recommended

Humidity: The enclosure should be kept within 60%-70%

Diet: Both juveniles and adults should receive grass hays, spring mix, kale, collard greens, any darker lettuces, etc.

Red-Foot Tortoise